Friday, November 24, 2006

KITE Database

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Robert A said...

The Knowledge Innovation for Technology in Education (KITE) database describes itself as a “repository or a gathering place for information about technology integration experiences” in academic environments (K-16). The program, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, involved seven universities, and over a thousand teachers to create a searchable database of best practices concerning technology implementation for educators. The project's mission, according to its website, “is to build a K-16 community of practice through a knowledge repository that enables learning through sharing, communal understanding through storytelling, continuous exchange and creation of new knowledge, and collective problem solving among K-12 schools and teacher education programs.”

All one needs to access this free database ( is a computer with Internet access and in a few minutes to meander through the intuitive menus to find case studies. If one is not that computer savvy, the KITE online tutorial helps one ground oneself to search the database in three different manners, in what they refer to as keyword, super, and browsing searches. What sets this database apart from others is that it utilizes case-based reasoning (CBR) to pinpoint searches to help the user find relevant case studies even if they are not exact matches. Another facet that makes this database praiseworthy is the case studies themselves. Rather than have stories told about technology, KITE has transcribed interviews with the teacher that tried some innovative technological usage, and addresses its successes and failures. The cases themselves are organized in such a manner that searchable parameters go beyond the basic, grade level and subject searches, letting the user customize their search by social economic status of students, learning outcomes, and even the location of the computers in the school!

The KITE database can be easily be used by educators of all levels, from veteran teachers to student teachers. Having a well organized treasure trove of technological hits and misses helps the instructor by saving time in the overall integration of technology in the classroom. The KITE database is a necessity to visit for any instructor who intends on using any technology in the classroom.